* April 2015 : A 5 DVDs package with English subtitles. Content : Nina Star, L’Homme des confins, Les Fables de Starewitch d’après La Fontaine, Fétiche 33-12 et Les Aventures de Fétiche, with an illustrated 12 page booklet. 19 shorts and bonus at a very good value.

Distribution Doriane Films. More details…

Doriane Films
145, rue de Belleville
75019 - Paris
Téléphone : 33 (0)1 44 74 77 11
Fax : 33 (0)1 44 74 64 93


Event : Gérard Courant’s eight « Carnets Filmés » about the « Starewitch’s Dialogue(s) » in Dijon , in April 2015.


* in Genova , Switzerland , The Tale of the Fox, at the Spoutik cinema, on September the 16th and 26th and October 3rd 2015 at 16h00.


* in Frankfurt, Wiesbaden and Hanau, Germany , The Magic Clock, on November 27th, 28th, 29th 2015. Ciné-concert with Paul Dessau’s original score he composed for the release of the film in Germany in 1928.


* in Austin , Texas , USA , The Tale of the Fox, at the Alamo Draft House Cinemas, on December the 12th 2015.


* in Toronto , Canada , The Tale of the Fox, at the TIFF Bell Lightbox, on December the 20th 2015.


* Starewitch Dialogue (s) in April 2015 on Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th. Starewitch at Dijon for a two day exceptionnel cession : screenings, discussions, debates…  between 

Jean Douchet, Hervé Aubron, Erwan Legal, Jacques Cambra, Gérard Courant, Léona Béatrice Martin Starewitch, François Martin…

organised by the “Cinémathèque régionale de Bourgogne –Jean Douchet” and the Eldorado cinema. More details…


* à Bydgoszcz, Pologne, IVème Festival du Film d’animation, Le Roman de Renard, vendredi 17 avril à 20h30   

* Exhibit :  Amersfoort, Nederland , Kunsthal KAdE Eemplein

                31 januari tot en met 3 mei 2015 : MOVE ON...! 100 jaar animatiekunst

                31 January - 3 May 2015 : MOVE ON…! 100 Years of Animation Art

 * in New York, Le Roman de Renard, French Institute Alliance Française, Friday the 20th February 2015.


2014 :

* in Monterrey, Mexico , another step for the exhibit Watch Me Move November the 20th 2014 – March the 1st 2015.  


New program, NEW DVD : è LES AVENTURES DE FETICHE, novembre 2014

Fétiche Mascotte, 1933, N&B, sonore, 21’

Fétiche prestidigitateur, 1934, N&B, sonore, 12’

Fétiche se marie, 1935, N&B, sonore, 15’

Fétiche en voyage de noces, 1936, N&B, sonore, 12'

Fétiche chez les sirènes, 1937, N&B, sonore, 16’






  New restorations, new music (Fétiche chez les sirenes) and bonus…



* La Casa Encendida , Madrid , october the 2nd 2014 – January 11th 2015. After Barcelona , new step for the exhibit :  Metamorphosis : Fantasy Visions in Starewitch, Švankmajer and the Quay Brothers. More details...

* ==> A hudge and innovating exhibition starring Ladislas Starewitch, Jan Svankmajer and Brothers Quay


from 26 March to 7 september 2014

 Metamorphosis is freedom. Extreme freedom through creation between dreams and reality, intuition, imagination, childhood as a life attitude. For the first time, the works, the films, the cabinet of curiosities, the world and the fantasy visions of Jan Svankmajer, the Brothers Quay and Ladislas Starewitch together un an exhibition.

With lots of screenings…

     More details

* June 3-8th  Zagreb, Animafest Festival selected Fétiche Mascotte. « The film was selected as one of the most important short stop-motion film in history, through a ballot between 20 animation authors. »  

* June 9-10-11 Annecy  : International Animation Film Festival : two Starewitch’films program : Four Shorts and The Tale of the Fox !  New Restorations.

* End of June  Yokohama : Les Fables de Starewitch d’après La Fontaine at French Animation Film Festival.

* June 6th – September 1st :  Nashville, : Watch me move on tour, Le Roman de Renard. 

2013 :

NEW Progams, NEW DVDs : 


è NINA STAR , June 2013

Four shorts :

 L’Epouvantail, 1921, couleurs par virage et teintage, 16’50.

Le Mariage de Babylas, 1921, noir et blanc, 15’

La Voix du rossignol, 1923, couleurs par virage et pochoir, 12’7

La Reine des papillons, 1927, couleurs par virage et teintage, 22’25


New restorations, new musics and bonus…


è  L’HOMME DES CONFINS , November 2013

Three shorts :

Dans les Griffes de l’araignée, 1920, couleurs au pochoir, 24’45

Les Yeux du dragon, 1925, couleurs par virage et teintage, 25’30.

Amour noir et blanc, 1923, couleurs par virage et teintage, 21’52

New restorations, new musics and bonus…  

è FETICHE 33-12, December 2013

C:\Users\François\Desktop\FM Cinéma\DVD programme\Fétiche 33-12 - DVD\Dossier DVD -  Fétiche 33-12\Jaquette Fétiche 33-12 2-.jpg Amazing !!! Never released !

Fétiche 33-12, 1933, noir et blanc, sonore, 38 minutes.

è Other events :

2013 :

*  November 20 & 28th, Musée du Louvre , Paris, Les Fables de Starewitch d’après La Fontaine.

*  December 1 & 2nd, live concerts, à Vitry-le-François (51 – France), « Gazouilly petit oiseau »   

*  December 14th 2013 – March 14th 2014, Amsterdam ,   L. Starewitch’s et des Frères Quay’s univers in relationà Amsterdam : Starewitch puppets and films : Le Noël des insects, Fétiche Mascotte.

*  November 3th, live concert, Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau-Gesellschaft  : Les Grenouilles qui demandent un Roi, Le Rat de ville et le Rat de champs, 1926, La Cigale et la Fourmi, Le Lion devenu vieux.

* November 12th, live concert, l’Université de Bourgogne, La Cigale et la Fourmi

* October 6th 2013 – January 25th 2014, Détroit : Watch me move on tour, Le Roman de Renard

  * October 18 – 25th, exhibition and films, MACVAL (94 – Vitry-sur-Seine, France), NEW PROGRAMNina Star: L’Epouvantail, Le Mariage de Babylas, La Voix du rossignol, La Reine des papillons,

* October 18 & 19th, live concerts, Gael Mevel, (94 – Arcueil, France) LesFables de Starewitch d’après La Fontaine

* October 31th, November 5 & 10th, Helsinki : Fleur de Fougère

* September 6 & 7th, Fantoche Festival, Baden (CH) : Le Roman de Renard

* April 21th & 25th, live concerts Poum Tchack, Marseille and Etoile sur Rhône : Dans les Griffes de l’araignée, L’Epouvantail, Fétiche Mascotte.

* April 30th – July 7th,  Brasilia : Watch me move on tour, Le Roman de Renard.

* April 25th, 20th International Festival Stuttgart : Fétiche 33-12

* April 5 & 6th, live concert, Dijon et Seloncey  Côte d'Or "Les Fables de Starewitch d'après La Fontaine".

* March 28 & 29th, live concert - à Vitry-sur-Seine (94 – France), « Gazouilly petit oiseau ».

 * What does Terry Gilliam thinks about The Mascot by Ladislas Starewitch ?  See The Guardian... “It was at the Sitges film festival that I first saw an exhibition of work by the pioneering Russian animator Wladyslaw Starewicz, and the puppets were so enrapturing that when I got home I ordered up all the tapes I could find of his work. His work is absolutely breathtaking, surreal,inventive and extraordinary, encompassing everything that Jan Svankmajer, Walerian Borowczyk and the Quay Brothers would do subsequently. This is his last film, after The Tale of the Fox from 1930 ; it is all right there in this cosmic animation soup. It is important, before you journey through all these mind-bending worlds, to remember that it was all done years ago, by someone most of us have forgotten about now. This is where it all began.” Terry Gilliam, The Guardian, Friday 27 April 2001 about The Mascot  by Wladyslaw Starewicz , France 1934. (T. Gilliam uses the polish spelling, Ladislas Starewitch is the spelling used by L. Starewitch when he arrived in France.)

* January 26th-April 1er at Sven-Harrys art museum – STOCKHOLM with Karin Mamma Andersson


* February 5th – April 7th at Centro Cultural do Banco do Brasil – RIO DE JANEIRO

MOVIE-SE: No Tempo da Animação MOVIE-SE: No Tempo da Animação

A exposição apresenta de forma cronológica a história da animação nos últimos 150 anos | De 5 de fevereiro a 7 de abril de 2013

2012 :

* Sunday, December 2nd @ 7:00pm at Northwest Chicago Film Society - CHICAGO

* During the autumn Byrne Power met Léona-Béatrice Martin-Starewitch in PARIS :  … “Starewitch is a big influence on the Brothers Quay. When I mentioned him to Švankmajer, he immediately corrected my translator who was fumbling with the name a bit. Terry Gilliam also owes him a real debt and considers The Mascot as one of the ten greatest animated films made. Tim Burton’s animated work screams Starewitch. And Fetiche Mascotte seems like a direct ancestor of Toy Story. And if Wes Anderson did not make a careful study of Starewitch before making the Fantastic Mr. Fox. I’d be really surprised. Starewitch, like George Méliès, is one of those seminal figures, an original, an inventor, whose work is still literally marvelous !” Byrne Power.    Read more !  

* October 29th – November 4th in Leipzig : nine films by Starewitch … See details…

* October 26th : THE PREMIERE OF FETICHE 33-12 film by Ladislas Starewitch, 1933, UNREALEASED up to NOW, 38 minutes, black and white, sound film. MAC/VAL, See details...   See The Guardian...

* October 26 – 28 th : Sreening at California Institute of the Arts, Los Angeles , REDCAT,  See details...or


* An Asian Summer in Japan and Taiwan for Ladislas Starewitch !

         In Tokyo the cinema “Le Studio” will screen Les Contes de l’Horloge Magique. The film will be shown during the whole month of August. See details…

        In Kaohsiung several cine-marionnettes from Le Roman de Renard (The Tale of the Fox) will be exhibited as part of “Watch Me Move”, the London Barbican’s exhibition about animation films. Next step for this touring exhibit including Starewitch screenings and actors Brazil 2013…

* Starewitch and Julian Schnabel ! See details...

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