THE PREMIERE OF FETICHE 33-12 film by Ladislas Starewitch

1933, UNREALEASED up to NOW, 38 minutes, black and white, sound film


   In 1933 Ladislas and Irène Starewitch directed and produced a film which was about 1,000 metre long. They called it “LS 18”for the lab.

Under the pressure of distributors L. Starewitch had to drastically cut into his work. In 1934 he released a part of “LS 18” under the name of The Mascot. It was only 600 metre long and was the first episode of a series.

   In 1954, adding the cuts from “LS 18” that had not been released in The Mascot to parts of The Mascot, Ladislas Starewitch directed another film he called Gueule de bois.

   Recently we started to reconstitute the original “LS 18”:  we used the best material from several copies of The Mascot that had been distributed in the United Kingdom and in the USA , the negative of Gueule de bois and various shoots kept in the Starewitch Archives.

   In 2012 Ladislas Starewitch’s film “LS 18” has recovered its original length, 1000 metre , and montage, it is as it was in 1933.  That’s the reason why we call and release it under the name of  FETICHE 33-12.

   For the first time ever, Fétiche 33-12 will be screened within the ceremony Award of the Ladislas Starewitch Scholarship of the Conseil Général du Val-de-Marne,

on Friday October 26th at 8.30pm at the MAC/VAL

Auditorium, Contemporary Art Museum of Val-de Marne ,

Place de la Libération in Vitry-sur-Seine 94 400, France.


Booking :

By phone : 00 33 (0) 1 49 56 27 30

or : 00 33 (0) 1 49 56 27 28

from Tuesday to Fridayi de 9 à 12 am and on Wednesday from 14 to 16 pm.


Léona Béatrice et François Martin.


Fétiche 33- 12, L . and I. Starewitch, 1933


To Terry Gilliam The Mascot is the best animation film ! 


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